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Loans for Investment Properties

We want you all to know, you came to the right place. We have looked at many of our competitor’s websites for what they have for information on this subject. They have no substance only their loan application. In other words, you have to apply to find out what they will give you. That’s no way to do business! We want you to know before you apply, what are all your choices and that the choice should be yours.

Know who we are and where we are coming from. Marty Remillard has over 20 years’ experience working with Real Estate Investments and is in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. Nick Remillard has a Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate from Florida State University. All this before and while our many years’ experience in the mortgage industry.

There are many types of investor loan programs but before we break out the programs together, we should look at what your goals and objectives are for your real estate purchase. The first things to consider are:

1. Type of property to be purchased:
A. Condo, multifamily, or single family
B. Rental
C. Fix and Flip

2. Holding Time Frame:
A. Less than 12 months
B. 1 to 3 years
C. 3 to 7 years
D. Long term portfolio holding

3. Income objective:
A. Short term capital appreciation
B. Monthly income
C. Long term capital appreciation with monthly income
D. How many properties do you currently own or want to own

4. Availability of funds for down payment and closing cost

5. Sources of Income:
A. Your current income
B. Subject property income

Once we have reviewed all the above information, then we can talk about the different loan programs that will best be suited for your goals. The following is just a basic list of loan programs currently available for you to choose form.

1. Standard Conventional loan
2. Hard Money Renovation Loan(s)
3. Fannie Mae HomeStyle
4. Freddie Mac Renovation Mortgage
5. Fix and Flip portfolio loans
6. NINO; No Income No Owner Occupy loan

There are many different types of loans and hybrid loan programs out there. As a Florida Mortgage Brokerage, we have access to many different loan programs to fit your goals. Don’t wait and miss out on the property you want. Call us today 941-444-9240
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